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ASCC – Your Strategic Business Partner for Slovak – Arab Economy & Trade 


The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ASCC) is a non-profit organization established by Slovak Law under Registration number 50072901, on December 15th, 2015, and operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior,

The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC), as its name indicates, is a link between both, Slovakia and the Arab countries.

ASCC is specialized in providing a network of services and valuable information to businesspeople, companies and institutions. Its main objective is to support, promote, and enhance economic and trade activities in both regions. Its expertise, activities and connections to key figures in economy and trade, renders the ASCC the ideal partner to engage for business between Slovakia and the Arab Countries.

THE ASCC Objective

The objective of the Chamber is to develop and promote economic and trade relations between Slovakia and Arab world in all business sectors, mainly Construction, Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Tourism and Education.

The ASCC is working to achieve the following goals:

  1. To promote and develop economic and cultural relations between the Arab States and the Slovak Republic and certain surrounding countries, if necessary
  2. Development of business, investment, industrial, tourism, scientific, agricultural, financial, technical and development areas within all forms of constructive cooperation
  3. Supporting mutual investments in the Arab states and the Slovak Republic and working on joint projects between the two parties
  4. Promoting the process of transferring advanced technologies from the European continent to Arab countries as well as providing advanced training to relevant Arab entities by adopting the expertise available in the Slovak Republic
  5. Definition of economic skills and investment opportunities in the investment sectors of Arab states and European countries
  6. Document business relations at the highest level of experience between the Arab and European parties
  7. Work on business disputes (if requested by a chamber) between Arab companies in the SR owned by Arabic owners
  8. Organization of seminars on topics and commercial functions
  9. We have an electronic connection between the Chamber, the Arab and European Chambers, which allows the exchange of available information on exports, investments and opportunities

THE ASCC Activities

  • Organizing well-planned B2B meetings between Slovak and Arab business people, activities which are complimented with the publication of informative brochures for each delegation involved.
  • Holding and co-organizing business events, Forums, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions and Workshops in Slovakia and in the Arab world.
  • Publishing trade bulletins, reports, statistical data and related economic and trade activities between Slovakia and the Arab world.
  • Providing update information to Slovak and Arab businesses on the existing business opportunities from both sides through the publication of regular bulletins.
  • Hosting and participating in related cultural activities and cross-cultural workshops.

THE ASCC Services

  • Publishing periodical reports and bulletins in English, Slovak and Arabic on the latest business opportunities and news.
  • Attending to the members’ requests for updated data, contacts and information about conducting business in Slovakia and the Arab world.
  • Checking and reviewing trade certificates, export documentation to the Arab world as well as undertaking the translation of related trade documents.
  • Publishing of economic studies, reports and statistical information concerning the Arab Slovak relations.
  • Monthly business bulletins in English, Arabic & Slovak, with business proposals from the Arab or Slovak companies looking for contacts or partners in Slovakia or in the Arab countries.
  • Providing the members with any business and economic information and consultation for the Arab Countries and Slovakia.
  • Legalization of all the documentation related to the Slovak exports to the Arab markets as well as rendering services to members by undertaking, on their behalf, the whole legalization procedure saving them time and cost.
  • Translation Department, providing high quality translation in Slovak, Arabic & English languages.
  • Matchmaking & Networking between the business communities from both ends B2B.
  • Help Desk to promote exports & investments for both the Arab & Slovak business communities
  • Exchanges of Business Delegations between the Arab Countries and Slovakia
  • Organization of various business events such as Forums, Fairs and workshops in Slovakia and in the Arab Countries.
  • Website in three languages Slovak, Arabic & English containing plenty of information and reports.

The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC), is proud of its long-standing relationship with its member-companies and it shall continue to present activities, events and services of the highest standards and to be supportive of the business communities in the Arab world and Slovakia.



Chamber Registration License by the Ministry of the Interior of Slovakia




Article I.


1.1       Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as “the Chamber“ only) is Association of natural and legal persons, founded by course  of Slovak Act Number 83/1990/Coll. and amended by subsequent regulations on association of citizens.

  • The Chamber comes into existence on the date of its registration at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.
  • The name of Association in the Slovak language: Arabsko – slovenská obchodná komora, priemyslu a poľnohospodárstva, abbreviated A.S.C.C.
  • The name of Association in the English language is: Arab – Slovak Chamber for Commercial Industry and Agriculture, abbreviated A.S.C.C.


Article II.


The Arab – Slovak Chamber of Commerce is founded for an indefinite period.


Article III.

Name, Seat and Sphere of Activities


The name of Chamber is Arab – Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as “the Chamber“ only)).


Panenská 24, 811 03 Bratislava Sphere of Activities

The Chamber is an independent Association of natural and legal persons, founded for the purpose of supporting mutual business and economic relations of businessmen of the Slovak Republic and the Arab World. It develops its activities in the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. The Chamber has non-profit character.

Article IV.


The Goal of the Chamber is to:

  1. Aim for maintaining good mutual relations with Arab Chambers of Commerce, as well as with other commercial associations of business entities.
  2. Develop economic relations between businessmen of the Slovak Republic and the Arab World in the field of commerce, industry, agriculture, finances, transportation, technologies, professional activities and other related activities.
  3. Seek for constructive solution of business problems pertaining to relations between Slovak and Arab business entities.
  4. Protect and develop common economic interests of its members.
  5. Represent, express and provide opinions and information to its members in all economic, business, commercial, financial, industrial fields and in matters related to them.
  6. Gather and distribute information from the field of commerce, industry, agriculture, finances, transportation, technologies, professional activities, taxes, legal system, economy and other related subject-matters.

Means to reach the Goal

In order to reach the goal, the Chamber establishes contacts with business entities in the Slovak Republic and in the Arab World, addresses state bodies and authorities, as well as other institutions in the Slovak Republic, as well as in the Arab World.

Article V.

Financial Resources

Financial resources, of which the Chamber disposes pursuing achievement of its non-commercial objectives, are as follows:

  1. Membership fees,
  2. Grants and contributions (e.g. from business entities that contribute within the Chamber´s advertising and publication activity),
  3. Fees for specially provided services,
  4. Other fees.
  5. Donations received from natural and legal persons

The amount of annual membership fees shall be stipulated by the General Assembly for each subsequent year and for each kind of membership in the Chamber.

Fees are paid once a year at the beginning of the calendar year, at the latest till January 31.


Article VI.

Disposal of Financial Resources

Financial resources of the Chamber can be used for:

  1. Administration and organisation of the Chamber
  2. Achievement of the Chamber´s objectives (summarised in Art. 4)
  3. Activity of bodies within their competencies.

Article VII.

Responsibility for Liabilities

Responsibility for liabilities of the Chamber is limited by its assets. Members of bodies are not personally responsible for any liabilities of the Chamber. Members of bodies are responsible before the Chamber only.


Article VIII.


Members of the Chamber can be natural and legal persons.

  1. Membership Forms

A prerequisite for accession to the Chamber and subsequent membership in it is impeccability and good reputation.

The membership basis of the Chamber consists of following membership forms:

  1. Members that founded the Chamber

This form of membership is for those who founded the Chamber.

Those are the members that founded the Association and approved the first wording of its Statute.

The Chamber is obliged to mention names of these members in all official printed matters published by the Chamber.

  1. Regular members

Regular members of the Chamber can be in particular:

Natural persons – businessmen,

Other natural persons,

Business companies,

Other legal persons performing business activity.

  1. Honorary members

Natural and legal persons that were awarded honorary membership in the Chamber for their merits in fulfilling goals, for which the Chamber was founded. Honorary members are not obliged to pay membership fees and are not entitled to be members in the Chamber´s bodies. They have no right to cast vote.

  1. Acquirement of Membership

Membership in the Chamber is conditioned by sending an application in writing.

Application for membership is evaluated irrespective of race, skin colour, religion, sex, age and nationality.

Application can be rejected or membership suspended without giving reasons. It is not possible to enter an appeal against such decision.

An applicant for membership in the Chamber becomes a valid member of the Chamber on the date of membership fee payment.

The honorary membership is awarded by the General Assembly of members.


Article IX.

Rights and Duties of Members

  1. Rights resulting from the membership
  2. Elections

Each member of the Chamber, except for a member with no voting right, is authorized to vote and is entitled to participate in meetings of the General Assembly by means of its representatives. Each representative of Chamber member disposes of one vote.

  1. Representatives of members

All legal persons, which apply for membership in the Chamber, must state names and addresses of their representatives in their application. Representatives may not be citizens of the Slovak Republic or of countries of the Arab World. All changes that occur in connection with representatives of members must be notified to the Chamber in writing.

  1. Substitution

Each member or representative of member, who cannot participate in a session, is entitled to vote by means of sending his/her written decision in the matter or ad hoc authorise a person who will be voting on his/her behalf and based on his/her instructions. Such ad hoc delegation of powers must be sent to the Chamber Secretariat within time limit of 24 hours before commencement of voting, otherwise the authorised person will not be enabled to cast vote.

  1. Eligibility to hold office

Each member of the Chamber is entitled to stand for membership in the Board of Directors and in the Presidium and any other office in bodies of the Chamber with above-mentioned exemptions.



  1. Duties resulting from the membership
  2. Protection of interests of the Chamber

Each member is obliged to protect interests of the Chamber and follow its Statute.

  1. Membership fees

Each member is obliged to pay membership fees and other fees, to which he/she committed by accession to the Chamber, unless this Statute stipulates otherwise.


Article X.

Termination of Membership

Membership of natural persons terminates by their death and membership of legal persons terminates by their legal dissolution.

Membership can be terminated by declaration of resignation from the Chamber and by exclusion from the Chamber.

  1. A written statement of resignation must be sent to the Board of Directors by registered mail. Paid membership fees are not returned to the member that seceded from the Chamber. The seceded member is entitled to fulfilment of the Chamber´s obligations, to which the Chamber has committed before secession.
  2. The Board of Directors can exclude from the Chamber a member that has not paid membership fees and other fees, to which he/she/it has committed by accession to the Chamber, for a period longer than two months after their due date. The Board of Directors is obliged to consider reasons, by which a member substantiates his/her/its delay. Financial insolvency of a member resulting from no good business situation is no reason for exclusion if the delay does not take more than 6 months. Exclusion comes into effect on the date of delivery of declaration on exclusion.
  3. The Board of Directors can exclude a member for breach of membership duties or for conduct that grossly damaged interests of the Chamber. Exclusion is decided by the Board of Directors by mere majority of present members.


Article XI.

Bodies of the Chamber

Bodies of the Chamber are as follows:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Presidium
  4. President
  5. General Secretary

General Assembly

Regular General Assembly is convened once a year.

Extraordinary General Assembly can be also convened based on decision of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall convene such General Assembly if it was requested by one third of members of the Chamber or by the Chamber´s Presidium. The Board of Directors must convene a General Assembly within time limit of 40 days after delivery of written request.

Invitations for General Assembly containing information on agenda and on time and venue of General Assembly holding must be delivered to each member of the Chamber at the latest 10 days before General Assembly holding.

The President opens a session of the General Assembly. Each General Assembly is open for all members. Their participation cannot be limited or excluded. Duly convened General Assembly is qualified to be in session and constitutes a quorum if at least 25% of all members of the Chamber are present. In case that within 30 minutes after planned commencement of the session of the General Assembly, the specified number of members are not present, the Board of Directors has the right to decide that also the present number of members fulfils conditions for regular session of the General Assembly, and that the General Assembly is qualified to be in session and constitutes a quorum. Individual items of the agenda will be amended or supplemented if one tenth of members of the Chamber or 1/3 of members of the Board of Directors asks for it in writing at least 21 days before General Assembly holding. A change in the agenda must be additionally notified to all members of the Chamber. Exclusive competency of the General Assembly encompasses:

  • confirmation or refusal of the Board of Directors´ decision on additional election of a member of the Board of Directors
  • electing and withdrawing members of the Board of Directors
  • approving the Annual Report on activity of the Board of Directors and easing burden of the Board of Directors
  • choice of an auditor with licence valid for the territory of the Slovak Republic on the proposal from the Board of Directors
  • decision-making on the amount of membership fees
  • approving the Annual Report on activity and management of the Chamber
  • decision-making on dissolution and merger of the Association
  • decision-making on proposals of the Board of Directors
  • decision-making on change of the agenda of the General Assembly
  • decision-making on change of the Statute
  • discussing and approving preliminary budget
  • discussing and approving the annual financial statement
  • decision-making on dissolution of the Chamber
  • discussing and agreeing supplements and amendments to the Statute

Resolutions of the General Assembly are binding if mere majority of present votes is reached.

In case that the General Assembly has no quorum and the Board of Directors does not decide otherwise, the date of the next General Assembly shall be specified, which must take place within 14 days after the date of decision of no quorum. The date of the next General Assembly shall be stipulated by the Board of Directors. The next General Assembly is able to pass resolutions by mere majority of present members or of their representatives.

Resolution on change of the Statue and resolution on suspension or dissolution of the Chamber is binding if 2/3 majority of all present members or their representatives is reached.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the standing body of the Chamber. It is created by election by the General Assembly for the period of 2 years. The number of members is maximally 15, however, its number must not be lower than 3. At least 1/3 of members should be formed by Slovak persons, i.e. persons with the Slovak Republic nationality. During discharge of his/her office, a member can abdicate and resign by a written statement sent to the Board of Directors. In such case, the Board of Directors can decide on replacement of members of the Board of Directors till the next General Assembly. If the General Assembly does not confirm this member in his/her office at its next session, his/her membership in the Board of Directors terminates. The membership in the Board of Directors terminates if:

  • a member withdrew from his/her membership in the Board of Directors,
  • a member of the Board of Directors, who him/herself was also a member of the Chamber, lost this membership in the Chamber,
  • recall by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors may issue own internal directives regulating the procedure at its activity. Sessions take place at least once in half-year. Each member of the Board of Directors is obliged to participate in person at least at every other session of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may take decisions per rollam. In such case, it is necessary that at least 2/3 of all members of the Board of Directors pronounce for the submitted proposal. All documents, documentary materials, but also information not recorded on media, on which it is decided at a session that they  enjoy the highest degree of secrecy, must not be published or otherwise disclosed without permission of the Board of Directors, unless thus laid down by the Slovak law.

The Board of Directors decides on all matters that do not belong in competency of the General Assembly or the Presidium. As the standing body of the Chamber, it decides in particular on all fundamental matters, activity of the Chamber, its strategy and program. Decisions are taken by mere majority of present members, unless those are decisions per rollam. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the President decides, in his/her absence, the vote of the first Vice-President.

Responsibility of the Board of Directors includes:

  1. relations resulting from remuneration and determination of salaries for employees of the Chamber
  2. preparation, elaboration and checking of Annual Report at the end of a Fiscal Year and reconciliation of the budget
  3. choice and checking of all sponsor´s programs of the Chamber
  4. exclusion of a member of the Chamber
  5. decisions on creation, merger and dissolution of work groups that perform organisational tasks


  1. taking other decisions of conceptual nature pertaining to the activity of the Chamber that exceed the usual framework of common, operative and executive decisions and those ones, which belong to the Presidium´s competency
  2. decisions on permissions of exemptions consisting in decrease of membership fee or its remission

Executive bodies

Executive bodies of the Chamber comprise of the following system:    

  1. Presidium
  • five-member, but not less than three-member, elected by the Board of Directors from its members
  1. President and Vice-President / Vice-Presidents
  • elected by the Presidium from its members
  1. General Secretary


It is the executive body of the Board of Directors that provides for operative activity of the Chamber and disposes of decision-making powers in individual and common matters of the Chamber´s activity within the framework of conceptual decisions of the Board of Directors. The Presidium elects the President and the Vice-President from its members, or two Vice-Presidents if the Presidium has the maximum number of members.

In case of election of two Vice-Presidents, the Presidium decides, which one of them performs the function of the first Vice-President.

The Presidium appoints the General Secretary of the Chamber. The Presidium approves the proposal for the Financial Annual Plan on the proposal from the General Secretary and submits it to the Board of Directors for approval. In the same way it approves the annual program of activity of the Chamber and determination of amount of participant´s fees at held events.

The Presidium is entitled to issue its own Rule of Procedure regulating closer the method of its proceedings and decision-making.

Within its competencies, the Presidium provides for and decides particularly on:

  • matters of routine checking and individual budget expenses (revenues – expenditures)
  • individual affairs of material and informative nature, as well as internal organisation of the Chamber and its activity
  • coordination of work groups
  • matters of preparation and elaboration of proposals for the Board of Directors that are related to strategy
  • in matter of arranging contacts to authorities and creating the permanent contact
  • matters of possible coordination of activities with similar associations in Slovakia and in Arab countries that are similarly functionally oriented
  • operative matters of acquisition of members
  • proposal of yearly budget
  • on amount of participant´s fees at organised events

The President


The Chamber is represented by the President, who has also the right to sign.

The President supervises adherence to provisions of the Statute in all affairs and all interests of the Chamber and represents it on the outside. He/she is entitled to preside over all sessions of the General Assembly of the Chamber, as well as of the Board of Directors and of the Presidium.

The President signs all official statements of the Chamber.

In case of the President´s absence, his/her competencies go over to the Vice-President, or the first Vice-President (if he/she was designated), or to another member of the Presidium if so decided by the President.

General Secretary:

  • is in charge of financial matters of the Chamber and forms the strategy of its financial policy
  • is responsible for bookkeeping of the Chamber
  • submits to the General Assembly a report on financial status of the Chamber
  • manages other matters related to the financial policy of the Chamber
  • administers the database of information that comprises of all information related to the activity of the Chamber and its bodies
  • handles correspondence of the Chamber and archives it
  • coordinates the internal program of the Chamber

Signing on behalf of the Chamber and acting in its name:

The President and the Vice-President (respectively the first Vice-President) sign on behalf of the Chamber and bind it lawfully, each separately, or the General Secretary together with the President or the Vice-President (respectively the first Vice-President).


Article XII.


The Chamber employs employees in order to cover its own requirements. Number and kind of positions, as well as amount of salaries and remunerations are proposed by the Board of Directors. Positions are filled based on the need of the Chamber and the criterion is qualification of an employee, who is appointed by the President.

The Chamber is built on the principle of equality of race, religion, skin colour, sex, age, etc. The President represents the Chamber in labour-law relations.


Article XIII.

Amendments and Supplements

Amendments and Supplements to this Statute are approved by the General Assembly.


Article XIV.

Dissolution of the Chamber

  1. Voluntary dissolution of the Chamber must be decided at the extraordinary General Assembly where such step must be approved by 2/3 of present members.

In such case, the assets of the Chamber will be donated in the full amount to a non-profit organisation with related activity subject.

The General Assembly shall decide on determination of this non-profit organisation after vote of dissolution of the Chamber. The decision of dissolution shall be sent to all respective Slovak bodies and institutions within time limit of seven days.

  1. At dissolution of the Association by course of Art. 12 para. 1 item b) of Act No. 83/1990 Coll., property composition of the Chamber shall be performed by a Liquidator.


Article XV.

Establishment of the Chamber

  1. The Preparatory Committee approved the first Statute on November 20, 2015.


Article XVI.

Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year of the Chamber commences on 1st day of January and terminates on 31st day of December.


Article XVII.

Date of Entry into Force

This Statute was approved by the Preparatory Committee on November 20, 2015.


This Statute is made in the Slovak language.

In Bratislava, on November 20, 2015

Round stamp

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic 505


Ministry of Interior of SR

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Public Administration Section, Drieňová 22- 826 88 Bratislava 29

Registration done on: December 18, 2015

File Number: VVS/1-900/90-474 53


Administrative fee paid


Illegible signature

 JUDr. Jana Vallová, PhD.    

 Director of the General

 Public Administration Department



I certify that this document copy consisting of 11 pages is identical word for word with its original consisting of 11 pages. It is a full copy. In the submitted document, there are no changes, additions, inserts, deletions. In the copy, there were not /were/ done any corrections of differences with the submitted document.

In Bratislava, on January 12, 2016

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