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ASCC – Your Strategic Business Partner for Slovak – Arab Economy & Trade 


The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ASCC) is a non-profit organization established by Slovak Law under Registration number 50072901, on December 15th, 2015, and operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior,

The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC), as its name indicates, is a link between both, Slovakia and the Arab countries.

ASCC is specialized in providing a network of services and valuable information to businesspeople, companies and institutions. Its main objective is to support, promote, and enhance economic and trade activities in both regions. Its expertise, activities and connections to key figures in economy and trade, renders the ASCC the ideal partner to engage for business between Slovakia and the Arab Countries.

THE ASCC Objective

The objective of the Chamber is to develop and promote economic and trade relations between Slovakia and Arab world in all business sectors, mainly Construction, Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Tourism and Education.

The ASCC is working to achieve the following goals:

  1. To promote and develop economic and cultural relations between the Arab States and the Slovak Republic and certain surrounding countries, if necessary
  2. Development of business, investment, industrial, tourism, scientific, agricultural, financial, technical and development areas within all forms of constructive cooperation
  3. Supporting mutual investments in the Arab states and the Slovak Republic and working on joint projects between the two parties
  4. Promoting the process of transferring advanced technologies from the European continent to Arab countries as well as providing advanced training to relevant Arab entities by adopting the expertise available in the Slovak Republic
  5. Definition of economic skills and investment opportunities in the investment sectors of Arab states and European countries
  6. Document business relations at the highest level of experience between the Arab and European parties
  7. Work on business disputes (if requested by a chamber) between Arab companies in the SR owned by Arabic owners
  8. Organization of seminars on topics and commercial functions
  9. We have an electronic connection between the Chamber, the Arab and European Chambers, which allows the exchange of available information on exports, investments and opportunities

THE ASCC Activities

  • Organizing well-planned B2B meetings between Slovak and Arab business people, activities which are complimented with the publication of informative brochures for each delegation involved.
  • Holding and co-organizing business events, Forums, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions and Workshops in Slovakia and in the Arab world.
  • Publishing trade bulletins, reports, statistical data and related economic and trade activities between Slovakia and the Arab world.
  • Providing update information to Slovak and Arab businesses on the existing business opportunities from both sides through the publication of regular bulletins.
  • Hosting and participating in related cultural activities and cross-cultural workshops.

THE ASCC Services

  • Publishing periodical reports and bulletins in English, Slovak and Arabic on the latest business opportunities and news.
  • Attending to the members’ requests for updated data, contacts and information about conducting business in Slovakia and the Arab world.
  • Checking and reviewing trade certificates, export documentation to the Arab world as well as undertaking the translation of related trade documents.
  • Publishing of economic studies, reports and statistical information concerning the Arab Slovak relations.
  • Monthly business bulletins in English, Arabic & Slovak, with business proposals from the Arab or Slovak companies looking for contacts or partners in Slovakia or in the Arab countries.
  • Providing the members with any business and economic information and consultation for the Arab Countries and Slovakia.
  • Legalization of all the documentation related to the Slovak exports to the Arab markets as well as rendering services to members by undertaking, on their behalf, the whole legalization procedure saving them time and cost.
  • Translation Department, providing high quality translation in Slovak, Arabic & English languages.
  • Matchmaking & Networking between the business communities from both ends B2B.
  • Help Desk to promote exports & investments for both the Arab & Slovak business communities
  • Exchanges of Business Delegations between the Arab Countries and Slovakia
  • Organization of various business events such as Forums, Fairs and workshops in Slovakia and in the Arab Countries.
  • Website in three languages Slovak, Arabic & English containing plenty of information and reports.

The Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC), is proud of its long-standing relationship with its member-companies and it shall continue to present activities, events and services of the highest standards and to be supportive of the business communities in the Arab world and Slovakia.

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