ENERGYCOM is now a member in ASCC

The combination of state-of-the-art Japanese technology and a highly effective disinfectant solution
creates intelligent dry mist that penetrates every corner of the room. Mist droplets they have size 15-40
pm, they can effectively destroy viruses, fungi, and bacteria, and at the same time no wetting people
and objects in the disinfected area. It does not damage even ?ne electronics, devices, or papers. Dry
mist leaves no traces in the area and is not harmful to animals, plants. and persons.
Ecological disinfectant solutions are used for disinfection, which are environmentally friendly. they do
not harm health. do not endanger living organisms and food. Dry mist disinfection is therefore
appropriate to premises such as family houses, flats, kindergartens, schools, public transport, but also
of?ces, industrial buildings, public and commercial premises, shops, service premises, production
premises conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, dormitories, trains, buses, taxis, stables, barns and
agricultural buildings.


Inteligentna sucha hmla ENG

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