FIBEROX is now a member of ASCC

During the Industrial Revolution, steel was successfully introduced into the history of construction as a technical construction material. Over time, however, people have increasingly revealed and are still revealing the disadvantages of this material, such as its low corrosion resistance and the resulting limited longevity.

This forced FiberoX engineers to look for alternative
materials that would achieve the properties of a quality
reinforcement. And it is precisely thanks to this long and
very intensive development accompanied by certification
tests that today, FiberoX is bringing to the market an
innovative epoxy resin-based reinforcement system,
reinforced with glass fibres and meeting strict requirements
for durability, long life, efficiency and reasonable costs. Thanks
to its highly positive physical properties, FiberoX composite
materials are quickly becoming the most appropriate solution
today. Let us introduce you to this innovative product and share
with you all of its benefits and applications so that we can help the
construction industry move out from under the shadow of steel’s past.


FiberoX – Prezentacia 2020 – v1

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