DEKONA s.r.o. – new member of ASCC


About the company: 

Dekona s.r.o. was established in 1996 as a design office, focusing on providing comprehensive services to customers in the field of supplying clamping devices – fixtures. Based on production design documentation or customer documentation, they supply clamping devices for world manufacturers of mobile agricultural equipment, road and construction machinery, buses, railway equipment, special military equipment and other manufacturers of structures for the production that require clamping equipment. 

Their main markets are France, UK, and Germany (not as much as France and UK)  

The 22-member stand-alone design team with its monthly construction potential of 3600 design hours, directed to 8 principal areas of clamping devices using 4 CAD CAD systems, can meet the needs of multiple customers in the same timeframe, even in larger projects of supply of clamping devices lined up in production line. 

80-member team of company Dekona s.r.o. , together with 150 workers in external companies with monthly time potential 47000 production hours, achieves delivery times ranging from 6 to 12 calendar weeks from ordering work to the customer. 

DEKONA s.r.o. since year 1996 is exclusive sales representative of the German company Andreas Maier GmbH (AMF) in the field of unified fixtures and assembly tools. 

Company Dekona supplies the design of clamping devices – fixtures in the following areas: 

  • Clamping devices for manual or robotic welding 
  • Clamping devices for machining 
  • Clamping devices for measuring and control 
  • Clamping devices for assembling 
  • Clamping devices-hinges for handling 
  • Production devices 
  • Platforms 
  • Pallets 

Clamping devices – fixtures for welding with

  • Mechanical clamping  
  • Pneumatic clamping  
  • Hydraulic clamping  
  • Electronic control positioners 
    • Single stand 
    • -Mechanically rotatable  
    • -Electrically rotatable  
    • -Electrically rotatable and lifting 
    • Double stand 
    • -Mechanically rotatable  
    • -Electrically rotatable  
    • -Electrically rotatable and lifting 



In two areas they offer services using three CNC machine tools with a monthly capacity of 480 hours and three 3D measuring devices with a monthly capacity of 480 hours 


How do they work: 

1.Demand specification – What clamping device the customer demands / needs, answers to questions 

2.Processing of price and term offer – Deciding the total value of the inquired clamping device including the time it takes to deliver it 

3.Design – Transforming the defined clamping device in demand into production design documentation 

4.Production – Materialization of the clamping device by its production according to processed design documentation 

5.Testing – Confirmation of correct function of the clamping device and its ability to be included in the production process 

6.Installation – Installation of the supplied clamping device in the customer’s production area 

7.Service and maintenance – Complete warranty and post-warranty service for all supplied equipment 


What do they need: 

  •  They need to produce continuously, therefore to look for new customers 
  • They have problem with impulse orders from business partners 
  • They are looking for business partners with who they can cooperate for long term period 
  • List of potential business partners in Arabic countries plus PR, send them when there will be exhibitions, trade shows, business events 

Cooperation areas:  

  • Companies, that need fixture machines for their production 
  • Welding companies/engineers 
  • Technologists/designers  
  • Cabins for machines 
  • Robotic welding 
  • Wagons, locomotives 
  • Connection of welding robots and fixtures 
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